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September 19, 2005


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I love their new campaign, it is directed to the obvious average Joe kind of guy, not the only on TV, handsome, muscle guy.


Jajaja well the thing it's to impress the public and they done it. So congrats to the people of Bacardi.


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When the dealer ensures that every player on the table has placed his bet, he/she sets the wheel spinning. He also tosses a small ball into the wheel. The wheel and the ball eventually stop, with the ball landing on a particular number slot on the wheel. If your bet matches with the number or the color of the landing slot, you win. Next, you can take away the bet amount or you can “Let it Ride,” where you are allowed to let your winnings stay on the table for the next game. In this case, if you win again, the winnings are going to be big.As already discussed that choosing the most reliable online casino is necessary in order to have satisfaction with the terms and conditions of the online casinos all you need is to search the names of some popular online casinos entering the online casinos websites. Through this you can understand easily the type of online casinos their reputation. So before playing casino games all you need is to know about the casino by viewing the reviews that are given by the experienced players and make sure to check the complaints if any from their previous members. All these are very important to know if you are going to play online casino games.Most deposit online casinos offer first deposit bonus to their new members, and you should also take advantage of this free-money offer. They use this feature to increase the size of your bankroll and attract maximum number of players. First deposit bonus is deposited by the casino into the account of the player when he/she deposits cash for the first time. As a player, you would be able to use this extra free money to enjoy your game for longer duration.A land-based casino can offer you a few casino games like Blackjack, Poker, Slots and Roulette. But, it cannot match the hundreds of casino games offered by an online casino. An online casino has all the unlimited virtual space it can offer to its players who can enjoy just any casino game. But, a land-based casino is limited by its physical property. The number of different casino halls can’t be offered in hundreds.You can be assured about your money when you play in an online casino that has been verified by independent and industry-recognized bodies. Reputed online casino are serious about long-term benefits rather than scamming players and losing all their customers.Another advantage comes in the form of Slot Machines. When you play inside a free money online casino you will find custom themes, stories and characters inside some slot machines. However, very rare number of land-based casinos can offer you such customized and themed slot machines.Another advantage factor in terms of convenience is that you can enjoy online slots games any time you want. All the games can be played round the clock, because online casinos don’t have any opening or closing time as traditional casinos have. Online slots casinos are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can simply log on at midnight or early in the morning and play your favorite slots variant.

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Last but not the least edge an internet casino has over a Las Vegas casino is in the form of bonuses. The amount of bonuses and the number of times they are offered by online casinos can never be afforded be a land-based casino. Online casinos ensure that their players are rewarded from time to time, and new players get the best bonuses to remain with them.Online casinos offer many free games to the players so as to make understand their game rules and all this games comes with free offer for the new players so you don’t need to pay or bet in such type of free games that are offered by the internet casino. They are just to make you aware about the casino game and to make your own experience and to feel you and appear the casino software. But before you wish to play this game make sure that you understand and like the variation of casino game so that you can avoid loosing you own hard-earned money.The next advantage of using casinos no deposit bonus is its offer as a reward from the side of the online casino. You don’t have to make any deposit at all to get this bonus. You have to just spend a few minutes for the sign-up process and the online casino credits your account with the bonus amount. The good thing is that there is no restriction on the game where you can use this bonus money. You can use this bonus money to win more game and increase your bankroll.A unique edge online casinos have over land-based casinos is that they offer players the option to play for free. You can play for free before you choose to make your first deposit. An online casino will give you the chance to register a free online casino account. Some online casinos credit a fixed amount of money into your account so that you can test their games. Some online casinos simply offer free games so that you can check the casino’s gambling experience.Playing free in an online casino is also your key to improving your gambling skills until you have turned into an expert. You can also develop your successful strategies or test proven strategies so that you can use them when you play for real money. Fun is also a big part of online gambling. You will find many players who love to play for free and then with real money, alternatively, so as to get the maximum found out of gambling. This helps them keep playing for longer with a smaller budget.

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If you want to become a successful poker player, you have to be folding your blinds. Even if it is something that seems odd to you, you will find that an expert player is going to defend his blinds. The next point will make you clear about this tip. The purpose behind using chips is to get to your main goal. And, that main goal is to get even more chips. It is important that you use the chips, which can be considered simply to be a tool, to the maximum and without leading to any wastage.Draw Poker is another highly popular game to be played with casino poker chips. The 5-Card Draw is one of the most sought after versions of Draw Poker. Here, 5 cards are dealt by the dealer to each player. After the first betting round, players can drop 3 cards hoping to get 3 better cards. After drawing you enter the next betting round, and then it is the Showdown. You are allowed to start the game and continue further only when you have a minimum of 2 Jacks.The various versions of Poker make it perhaps the most popular casino game in both land-based and online casinos. A hand in poker has 5 cards. There are different names for hands with different ranks, with the lowest hand being called high card and the highest being called royal flush. The player with the highest hand is the winner. There are different versions of playing cards casino Games in poker including the popular variants like Omaha Hold’em, Texas Hold’em and 5-Card Draw.Video Poker is a grand online casino game, and it is also among the most widely played online casino games. In order to play Video Poker you will have to learn the rules of both slots and poker. Both luck and skills have a role to play in this game. With a world of online casino games at your disposal, online casinos have become highly advanced in the last few years.Craps is also among the most popular online casino games. There are online casinos that specialize in offering the different variations of this game. You will also find guidance on these sites with regard to improving your chances of winning. Such sits also offer the Craps Glossary so that you can easily learn the game. You would also get the guidance to improve your odds of winning and even practice for free to improve your skills.The next tip is with regard to the payout of the slots machine. The machine with the highest payout percentage is going to give you the best chances of winning. Choose machines with payout percentage of 96% to 98%, and you would be winning more. You can search for such casinos and games by researching online.Since there is a big difference between different bonuses, you would have to understand the rules of usage of the bonus. Once you have gone through all these steps you can move ahead and deposit the money. Depending upon your deposit amount, the payout will be high or low.

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Another important tip while playing poker casino online is to avoid playing at too high limits. You can play for high limit game when you are winning regularly at a low lever and want to move up. However, don’t stake something that cannot be afforded to be lost. It doesn’t matter whether you had a great previous game. Keep your profit to yourself and avoid increasing the limit.You will find slots games to be the easiest of all the casino games, leaving apart keno and lottery games. This also makes it the casino game which is played by the maximum number of players in land-based and online casinos. Available in three variations, reel, video and progressive slots, this game can be played readily without any need to learn the rules. In the game of reel slots you would be playing on a slot machine which his similar to the traditional spinning wheel found in traditional casinos. In the case of video slots you would be playing in a video terminal. The bonus rounds and paylines are high in this version. In the case of progressive slots, the value of the progressive jackpot keeps growing with every new bet. This is because this version of the game has a fixed percentage of bet that is contributed to the jackpot.Another popular board game is Space Evader. There is another variation of this game, called Space Evader Gold, and you cannot tell which game is better. There is double the number of danger spaces and additional 15 spaces to reach the mother ship in Space Evader. This makes this game more difficult to win. But, you would be getting 25,000 multiplier when you reach the ship. Hence, the rewards are more motivating in this case.The next casino board games which is played commonly is the Six Shooter Looter. Initially, the game runs on the western landscape without any big challenges. But that doesn’t make you feel that this is a child’s play. The moment the six shooter walks onto a cow’s skull, the Indians start shooting. When your six shooter crosses the tracks a sharp shooter fires or else he is run over by a locomotive. Your aim is to cover as much distance as possible so as to increase your multiplier. If you are successful in reaching the bank you get 25,000 multiplier.Come and Don’t Come bets are another type of bets in Craps, which are almost similar to the Pass and Don’t Pass bets. Even though they are like the most commonly used bets there are some differences to be found. They are placed when the round is in motion and they are especially designed for players who join at a later stage. The rules applying to these bets are however the same.

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The next important thing in blackjack is splitting. This rule can be used to turn the cards into your favor. For example, the Aces and 8s can be split, but face cards and 10s can’t be split. It is also important that you understand when it is going to help you to hit and when to stand. When your hand has not reached 17 or higher, you can hit, but you must stand when your hand is on 17 or higher. If the dealer’s hand has a 10, then also you must hit a soft 18.When playing blackjack, every player and even the dealer wants to get a total of 21 or to get as close to it without going beyond. You should also focus on 21. However, there are some players who copy the dealer. Avoid imitating the dealer. The next thing is to drop the option of using ‘Insurance’ in online blackjack. This option is only for card counters, and in the online version there is no card counting.The next strategy in casinos slots concerns progressive slots machines. It would be best to play the maximum pay lines and maximum coins. The payouts will soar and you stand a high chance of hitting the progressive jackpot. If you are not able to afford the max-coins, you can simply search for progressive machines with small bet and paylines.Renewal bonus is designed for existing players in an online casino who seek renewal of their memberships. Then, there is the Reload Bonus, which is given to existing members who want to reload their account with cash. This bonus is offered regularly whenever the player wants to add more money to his/her account. It helps online casinos to make their players feel special and remain with them.Loyalty Bonus is another type of bonus to be found in online casinos. Most of the time online casinos will offer this bonus to its old players or VIP members. Then, another type of bonus to be unlocked using a bonus code is the High Roller Bonus. This is offered to players when they make huge deposits. For instance, some casinos will offer 50% High Roller Bonus when you deposit an amount of $2,000 or more.Reload Bonus is the second type of bonus that comes under an online casino. The deposit bonus online casino offers this type of bonuses after the first deposit and offers to every player so that they are encouraged to make more deposits. Benefits range from 50 percent to a maximum of 100 percent of the amount that has been deposited by you.An interesting kind of casino promotion which is offered in almost all online casinos is referral bonus. This will give you some profits whenever you refer somebody to join the casino. The bonus amount is added to your account when first deposit is made by the person whom you referred. The reload deposit and initial deposit bonuses are almost the same. The only difference is that in initial deposit, you get the bonus when you make a deposit first time and in reload deposit you get bonus each time you make a deposit after the initial deposit.

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Feature promotions are also a type of promotion that is offered by online casinos which provides certain types of offers and bonuses with a limited period of time. This offer comes with some attractive amount or in the form of Slots Tournament and you should claim your bonus before its expiry.When you visit an online casino, you get the benefit of playing your favorite casino game from the comfort and safe environment of your home. However, in a land-based casino you are going to be surrounded by many different types of people, who may be drunk most of the time. In addition, there is no need to travel to a casino. So, enjoying pc casino games is more reasonable than going out to a land-based casino.The next variation of online poker casino games that you will come across is the most popular game of Texas Hold’em Poker. In the casinos around the world, Texas Hold’em Poker is the most widely played casino game. A mixture of both chance and skills, this game requires you to be disciplined if you want to win big and more. When you play, you will come across several special bonus bets that take the game to the next higher level in terms of excitement and wins.An important thing in online poker is to observe the table properly as a lot of things will be going on. When you are playing Texas Hold’em Poker you should keep an eye on the possible flush and straight, and find the highest hand to fit the flop. In 7-card stud you should be able to find all that is showing and all that is folded before you call the opponents. This may not be possible when you are beginner, but gradually you must also notice the table actions.Learning the basic rules of online casino black jack is a must if you want to become a winner in this game. Blackjack is a simple game as long as you understanding its basics. It is due to this reason that Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games around the world. Find out the basic rules of the game in the following lines.

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