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December 20, 2006


Leland M

I've always loved that can design. It's very appropriate for the taste of the drink I'm sure you've seen the whole M5 project coke did. Very cool stuff. I reminds me of the old absolute vodka ads: you want to save the ads because have surpassed being an ad - they're art. It's something you can admire. I always thought the M5 design spoke brilliarntly to the sensation fo drinking an ice cold bottle of coke.

Also, check out my newest post about being a saving rock n roll in America. I'd be very curious about your thoughts because it's about blending a musical experience with Web 2.0, a little planning know how and non trad marketing. It'll make more sense when you read it.


Did you ever get your hands on the Heineken bottle this year? Very, very cool too.

Just posted something at your weblog for the music question, and it looks like it was vapourized in the process. Have to retype the whole thing now :(

Leland Maschmeyer

Damn, well I hope you re-post it soon!

Logo Design

that's very old post, but i think nothing needed to comment but i would comment it is a bottle of 2006 and now it seems better than the others as i have seen.


I would appreciate your this creative work. That's so cute

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