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April 27, 2007


tim ronan

hey dino... there are trains that can move buildings. it's not like in the postcard per se but if you look at some of the advancements in pre-fab, there are indeed buildings being moved by ships, trains, trucks and planes. It's fascinating. Last time I was in Hong Kong (few months ago) I saw entire parts of buildings being craned up and set in place from flatbed trucks. In HK, the real estate is just so expensive now that once you lock your land, you have to get your building up very quickly. There are 80 story buildings where much of the construction takes place off site and craned into place that are completed in 8-9 months. So I met with a factory and indeed they construct buildings, houses, factories all pre-fab and then shipped and assembled to their destinations. A related story takes place in Europe... Further pursuing this knowledge quest / possible business quest in pre-fab, I had coffee in Berlin with a friend who's now finishing up a Harvard PhD in Architecture History, she informed me that there are cities in Russia that are buying up some of the pre-fab buildings in Berlin to satisfy the need for commercial and residential real estate. It's all quite amazing. Not as cool as the postcard but the concept is there.


Fantastic, love to see some photos.

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