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August 09, 2007


Marcus | Culturemaking

Nice one Dino.

And if you fancy getting your hands a bit dirty with the theory, I recommend these ...

Inside Subculture: The Postmodern Meaning of Style by David Muggleton

The Post-Subcultures Reader by David Muggleton and Rupert Weinzierl

Beyond Subculture: Youth and Pop in a Multi-Ethnic World by Rupa Huq

After Subculture: Critical Studies in Contemporary Youth Culture by Andy Bennett and Keith Kahn-Harris

Club Cultures: Music, Media, and Subcultural Capital by Sarah Thornton

Subculture to Clubcultures: An Introduction to Popular Cultural Studies by Steve Redhead and Patrick Henry

... perhaps not all at once though! ;)


Marcus, thanks a lot for these suggestions. I have read the Sarah Thornton book, good stuff.

I was supposed to go to grad school for cultural anthropology, but decided to pursue DJ'ing and music production full-time long ago. Your list will be the start of my crash course ;)

Marcus | Culturemaking

Great - we have a lot in common then!

I was a 'progressive house' DJ back in my uni days (coupled with a bit of breakbeat and intelligent drum n bass) to keep the income ticking over - not high profile like yourself mind you! ;)

Yes, a time when you lived and died by your specific sub-genre. Now I'm just into 'music' period!

Simon Andrews

Great post - just ordered the DVD. fascinating thing is that the garage looks just like Wigan Casino in 73, Blackpool Mecca & the Lacy Lady etc in 77 and the Beatroute and the Wag in 81.
Black Music always defines culture. Did you ever read Absolute Beginners which documents London in the late 50s and show the start of this music culture in the UK
Keep the Faith


I haven't read Absolute Beginners, but I'm now I'm going to track it down, sounds great.

"Keep the Faith". Great reference ;)
And also the title of one of my productions/releases, featuring the vocalist Philip Ramirez (soaring falsetto!).

How are things Simon?

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