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March 29, 2008



this is hack work. i can't find it, but this approach to creative - line by line, forward then reverse - was used by a politician in south america last fall.


hacks! thanks rad for pointing this out. i'd like to see the south american version, but what's the point? it's not like i'd understand a word of it.


The South American version was also much better, in my opinion. It was also in English. I've tried briefly to find it, but without any luck.


Found it.



hello... Loved your blog. Used some youtube movies that u chosed in my blog. Put the link to your blog.
If u are not pleased, i'll remove it.
Congrets again for your blog. I´ll put it in my blogroll.

Leland M

Really? That is a blatant copy of the political ad which, btw, won a gold Lion. (Actually, I can't remember which color lion it won. I just know it did.) How can they get away with that?


Yes Leland someone else pointed that out to me.

Obviously I'm utterly ignorant and posted this without knowing about the original. I'm ashamed.

(Not really, but you know what I mean).

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