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March 25, 2008


Charlie Gower

Nice post, I frequently wonder if I'm trying to consume too much. Pretty sure I am. I go to countries such as Costa Rica or Spain and the pace of life is so good. Makes me want to throw in the towel and go and build boats in Mexico.


Great post

I have been thinking a lot about this lately and about the idea of always being connected to that information as well. The fact that I dont really need to remember something because I have my computer or my phone to link to the internet to find it straight away. Limits the indepth thinking on things sometimes.

I only remember parts of things I have read as I am too busy moving onto the next thing. I also know I can save it in my delicious and I dont have to worry about it as I can always access it.

I am having to break away from the connection ocassionly so I can actually think things through properly and not quickly move onto the next thing

Charles Frith

Top post my man. I read it on my mobile first and couldn't comment but I'm back with a vengeance.

I've only one really solid point to make which is that with the information onslaught since I discovered RSS I've not been bored unless I ran out of something printed to read while waiting for a flight. That hasn't happened so I know I haven't been bored.

I've been concerned if this intense information flow is not good for my attention span but the reality is that as you say I'm on the look out for information which recontextualises everything I know and I'm a junkie for this type of high.

But here's the observation I can make about what is going on. I feel that at some point I've rewired my brain to deal with this volume of information, and life is just a lot better. I've never really been into TV and I loathe not having some information to digest. Particularly when traveling. Now there are some caveats to the life is good rule but all in all I like what is going on and I am not proselytizing.

It's not for everyone.


now thats what i call top blogging!



seems ironic that I still haven't got round to reading this.

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