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April 18, 2007


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As you may know, "best" can be a very subjective assessment, with a
number of different conclusions possible on any given topic. So, would
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Bike riding is fun and inspiring you to enjoy the beauty of nature riding around.

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This bike is just awesome.... I also like to ride a bike.... It's a great experience. Thanks for sharing this interesting post.

James, NY

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Hey James,
Really this bike looking so awesome. Thanks for sharing this post. keep posting.

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Less people are riding bikes these days than ten or twenty years, and one of the reasons seems to be that bikes got too fussy. The technology and innovation got in the way of the experience.

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It's always fun. And beneficial to include it on daily exercise.


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It should be. And healthy for us.

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Always fun having a ride. Im doing it everyday.


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