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April 03, 2007



My understanding is that bananas are the least likely fruit to benefit from organic farming methods. In other words, the fruit part is pretty well protected from pesticides anyway. That said, it's nice to know their version of the "we're not exploiting poor people" story - even if it is a total farce.


You're probably right, I wouldn't doubt if it's a farce. But it's still a cool idea :)


Todd, Dino:
Whenever you would be in the tropics, please let us know and we will be more than glad to show our organic operations, our own farms and the independent growers who work with us.
This is not farce, it is our commitment in the Organic Program of Dole Fresh Fruit International, Ltd.
We are real, you can trust, you can verify by yourself also.

If you have specific questions to ask, please send me a message to info@doleorganic.com

Best regards,
Dole Organic Program.


Thanks for stopping in Luis (see new post).


I once ate a Dole banana and almost choked on it. I will never by Dole again, how real is that?


That's pretty real. Do you know the farm it came from?

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