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  • For those of you interested, I am an Engagement Planner at BBDO and Proximity in Toronto, Canada.

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July 28, 2007


Gordon Whitehead

Thanks for the mention.

I'm proud to be mentioned in such an honorable group.


Hooray for the underdogs! Let's not allow the big dogs to run away with our audiences.

The smaller blogs of the world have a lot to offer our readers and need to support each other ;-)

Thanks for sharing this list.


Just seen your link and praise for my rubbishy little blog.

God, thanks so much ... I'm always shocked people even pay the slightest bit of attention to me - but to be complimented as well, thank you.

I am now reading your blog and putting it on my 'daily list' ... not just because I want to feel liked [haha] but because it's fucking good and I feel ashamed not to have come across it sooner.

Keep up the top work and maybe see you in Toronto soon [my missus is Canadian so it's not out the realms of possibility, ha!]


Definitely let me know of plans to come to Toronto! That would be great, I'm an assume tour guide!

Take care Rob,


I'm amazed at the quality of blogs listed as 'honourable mentions.' The long tail is not short on talent, wit and creativity.

Yay for the underdogs, indeed!

[ paul isakson ]

thanks for the love, Dino. also, i'll have an update on my situation coming soon.

Jason Lonsdale

Hey Dino -thanks for the bloglove! Hope all is well with you.

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