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July 18, 2007



Great stuff Dino - I'd love to see the slides.

I think that the processes of culture meaning-making as well as identity are always something people DO, not something that people HAVE - always through participation and dialouge.

We create, define, transform, construct and reconstruct our culture and identities with everything we do.

digital technology made the participative and self-excersising part of identity-building so interesting by allowing us deeper(?) glimpse into each other's lives.


Thanks Asi!

I guess what I've been trying to get my head most around is the feeling that something was, or has been, missing with social experiences online. Presence applications like Twitter and Facebook fill in the gaps with random bits of information which aggregate to a rich sense of others (this is giving me thoughts for your project you asked help with).

You refer to glimpse in your comment, and I think that our glimpse is far richer and meaningful when it is a kaleidoscopic, made up of all sorts of complex, random perceptions. Much like the real world, I guess!


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