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September 12, 2007


Leland M

You know I love any notion of hacking. ;)

Try reading this book: "How Buildings Learn" by Stewart Brand. It's about adaptive design - which, as you may know, is about creating maleable surface layers in products so the object encourages people - who aren't the original designers -to alter and "hack" the object.

But more specifically, "How Buildings Learn" posits some parts of objects are slow moving while other parts are fast moving. The faster moving layers are easier to change and manipulate than the slower, but the slower maintain the structure of the object so it maintains some semblance of it's orginal self. It's a really interesting - and handy - framework to keep in you back pocket.


Hi - you added Social Media:Evolution to Execution...which lead me to this blog.

open vs. closed = consumer control the brand vs. marketing department attempting to control the brand. that's what crosses my mind during open vs. closed discussion.


I think there is also the issue of when to make things hackable/open. We (and comanies) have to remember that people don;t want to get involved in everything. It usually works as an expressive devicce or where there are many different kinds of potenital users.


Good point Mark.
Though when I think of the inherent remixability of, say, Cadbury Gorilla, I think that more and more content and stuff could keep an eye on the affordance of remixability/hackability. Note, this is a slightly different thing from explicitly "inviting the consumer into the conversation", as so much b.s. UGC things have become (and which kind of inspired this post).

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