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January 26, 2008


Charlie Gower

Hey Dino, some interesting thoughts in there.
Di you see this piece?:

I've just done some csr presenting for Nike. It's such a nightmare for these big companies run by accountants.


Yes, that's The Economist article I mentioned in the post :)
I suspect that most companies will only be pushed to take this seriously when it can be linked directly to the bottom line. Sad, but probably true.
That's why I like where Umair is coming from. Apart from ethical/political reasons, he's tackling it from an understanding of the economic implications of new markets, networks and communities, and how they are throwing into question the DNA (his term) of corporations in a range of industries, from health care to media.

Gavin Heaton

Great post, Dino. Companies that think that they can operate and succeed within a system that is supported by us all, yet bear to responsibility for the maintenance and advancement of it is ridiculous and small minded.

I am pretty sure that CSR does not claim that profits are bad. It is precisely because of profits that CSR can exist. Well planned CSR can not only deliver broad benefits but can, indeed, provide many economic benefits -- improved morale, lower staff turnover (and all the benefits of this including reduced training costs, retention of knowledge etc), good PR (reduction in costs of customer acquisition etc). (Sorry ... should make this a post myself -- great stuff!)

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