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September 25, 2008



Nice, I like this idea. Makes me think of this from Rory Sutherland.


Charles Frith

This is vintage Chroma: Generously strewn gems of ideas laid out in a comprehensive and enjoyable to read, cogent manner, that fits in a Jean's back pocket for easy recall.

Furthermore its deservedly won the post of the month and the highest compliment I can pay is that your greatest work, like the natural unit of music leaves me somewhat resigned that both my content and style is unlikely to ever be as good as this.

No pity though please. I'm in a class of my own for rule breaking and anarchical communication ideas that keep me chipper.

Well done again Dino. I hope your family too are very well.

Brian Dell

In your post you make the statement "I still think that work needs to be done to construct a model of communication that may not include Grand Gestures", while the rest seems to advocate for a mixed approach between the Grand and the Personal. why is a model necessary that does not include grand gestures when in a social media environment the grand gesture seems to supplement the personal? It seems to be a reinforcement of the inclusiveness of the personal community. Like volunteers seeing their candidate at a rally.


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"Just to warn you up front, I'm not sure if this post will make much sense, I'm trying to make sense of a few thoughts kicking around in my head."

You are indeed making sense! I'm loving your posts! keep them coming!

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It seems to be a reinforcement of the inclusiveness of the personal community. Like volunteers seeing their candidate at a rally.

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"goo goo" = good government, in the lexicon of cynics (i.e. election reform, Common Cause-type stuff). Mgmax used it rather aggressively in a prior thread under the mistaken assumption that it had something to do with '60s liberals who supported the Black Panthers.

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No pity though please. I'm in a class of my own for rule breaking and anarchical communication ideas that keep me chipper.


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Did you made this all by yourself? You're one kind of a genius!


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