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September 08, 2008




you're right that 'best practice' sounds so dry and corporate.

but what if you think of the idea of 'practice' in the way that buddhists do, in terms of the meditation and introspection that is key to their buddhist 'practice'

in this case it's very much about shifting perspective and, like any good host, really thinking about the experience of your guests.

watch this space (or mine) for a more thought-through answer.


love it lee! it is a shift in perspective, good point.

by the way, one of your posts a while back about the importance of strategy and planning was lurking in the back of my mind as i wrote this rant against best practices.


Word my brother!

Will have a think crack at this once I'm back fully online next week...



Here here my friend

It is a big big shift in perspective.

Social media IS NOT a channel and what better than Andy Lark (Dell) video to arrest your case.

Change takes time...

Hope all is well mate


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