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November 13, 2008


Luis Miranda

Hi Dino I saw something similar in a Japan Airlines flight, but in this case about behaviour rules on board, very funny crap animation.

By the way, its a pleasure to talk you. I saw your comment in my blog (www.chocolate4thinking) about my dj life so definetely we have to chat deeper ;)
Do you have have facebook? my id is luis miranda (if you need look for APG Spain group to find me.

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I think the best of each culture is reflected in their different recipes and this is one of the best ways we can learn more about international delicacies and culture that has

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In a Russian restaurant in Chicago, I once had a bottled beer called
Okocim Porter. Delicious. I also tried a different dark beer called
?ywiec Porter that was almost as good. Both are bottled beers and
both are dark Porters.
My question is: are either of these beers available in the UK?
Perhaps there's a 'beers of the world shop' somewhere, or perhaps a
Polish shop that imports them? I've tried Google and tried 2 local
Polish shops - to no avail. Ideas?


I had two computers both connected to a wireless router. Yesterday I connected a third computer to the network and, although the connection goes through for this new computer, one of the original computers now says "Limited or no connectivity" and cannot connect to the Internet. Is it possible that the new computer is using up too much bandwidth and is therefore preventing the other computer from accessing the Internet?

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For our reading class we have to make a food for the theme of our book. My theme is adventure. So what food can I make for adventure thats not to hard and expensive?

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My theme is adventure. So what food can I make for adventure thats not to hard and expensive?

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