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September 24, 2009



Some of us are crazy over those McMuffins dude :)


Man, I love those things too.

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Wow... It is amazing to see them all at once, glad I live on the east coast. The west has them too spread out!!

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Wow. This is just amazing man.. I like it..

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What's the difference between roots reggae music and dance hall reggae music?
I'm doing my paper on the difference between roots reggae music and dance hall reggae music and I want to know the difference and the different artist involved in both and I also want to know where can I get some primary sources on both of the topics.

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Hmm what's that picture all about?
Hmm the branches of McDonald fast food?

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thanks for your sharing!


Hmm what's that picture all about?

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Your kids look so cute! We used to do so much for Halloween (yes my husband and I would dress up too) but them it all got to be too much since my husband loves to decorate for Christmas. He loves lights!

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Jy het beslis 'n paar aangename menings en opinies. Jou blog bied 'n vars blik op die subject.Have jy al gedink oor die invoering van 'n sosiale boekmerkwebwerf knoppies aan hierdie blogs. Ten minste vir google.I regtig waardeer artikels op jou site. Jy doen 'n goeie werk! Thanks a lot.
Nuttige inligting. Gelukkig my persoonlik het ek ontdek jou site per ongeluk, sowel as Iam verbaas oor die rede waarom hierdie spesifieke voorval didnat plaasgevind het voorheen! Ons gered

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